Who’s To Blame?

Multi level marketing scams are a big concern for those interested in multi level marketing opportunities and stay at home mom businesses. When MLMs go bad, it can be detrimental to the distributor’s ability to stay a stay at home mom.

But more importantly, when examining why home based businesses, and stay at home mom businesses, fail, we need to look at multi level teaching and training.

Why do people fail in the Direct Sales and Network Marketing Industries?

Or even with any home business?

The human tendency is to blame someone or something else when there is a problem in our own lives.

And it is especially easily to blame multi level marketing scams for the failure of MLM distributors.

After all, over 97% of said distributors will leave the business without ever turning a profit.

So is the company to blame?

They will be quick to tell you that the distributor didn’t work hard enough, or believe enough.

They like to blame the lack of a vision, or a big enough reason why one wants to earn passive income. So who is really to blame? Multi level marketing scams or insincere distributors? The truth is, both are to blame.

When MLM’s Go Bad

Multi level marketing opportunities are notorious for claiming that anyone can build a business, that riches are to be had, and that the entire process is easy. This is a very bad practice, and when MLMs go bad, it is usually because of this mentality.

The truth is, multi level marketing scams aside, network marketing is not something everyone can do. Some people don’t want to own a business and are completely comfortable with the lifestyle they have chosen. Others do not have the sales and marketing experience needed to start such an endeavor, or are unwilling to gain the knowledge that they need.

And then there are those who expect that business works by simply voting “present”. They don’t understand that it takes work to build a business.

So by telling us that anyone can build a business, multi level marketing opportunities deceive us. How? Some people are encouraged who simply shouldn’t be, and everyone is told to prospect every human being on earth! It just doesn’t make sense.

Then there is the training that network marketing companies provide. Or rather, that they don’t provide. They are so concerned with the way the world views the industry, that they go out of the way to confuse their distributors!

Network marketing is a sales job. You are selling products and opportunities. There is no masking this. There is no sugar coating it. You need to know how to market. And if you don’t, you need to gain that knowledge. Since your company will probably not admit that you are a salesperson, it might be a good idea to look elsewhere for sales and marketing multi level teaching.

The Get Rich Quick Myth

The biggest hurdle to success in network marketing is the Get Rich Quick myth. Sometimes multi level marketing opportunities themselves perpetrate this myth, (the true multi level marketing scams) other times over zealous and ignorant uplines do it. Regardless, it is the absolute worst thing to happen to the industry.

When someone is told that an opportunity is easy and that they will make money simply by existing, this tells them that they do not have to do any work.

So they join, wait impatiently for the money to come rolling in, and then quit in a blaze of fury within a few weeks.

These people expect something for nothing. Why? Because someone told them that’s how it works as part of multi level marketing scams! They have no concept of the work it takes to build a business, they simply see the network marketing industry as a lotto ticket. They paid their dues and now are expecting to reap the rewards. But it doesn’t work that way.

Your success or lack thereof in the Direct Sales or MLM industries is entirely dependent on you.

Not the company, not the upline manager. Many people join these companies because they are under the mistaken impression that a business will spring up around them. They think that just by paying their enrollment fees or by making their monthly purchases they will have a successful business, without any work what-so-ever. Or worse yet, they think their manager or upline will build a business for them!

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, there is no free ride. No Free Lunch. No Get Rich Quick.

A business will not build itself. The distributor is responsible for doing it. Help is needed with ideas, inspiration, training, or finding the right tools to grow a business, that is what a distributor’s manager or upline is there for. If the upline is not successful, then it’s time to examine network marketing education to figure out what is working for successful people so that it can be duplicated. A network marketing upline is not there to hand out leads or sales, or to prod procrastinating distributors along with a sharp stick. And not doing so is not part of multi level marketing scams.

These industries do make people wealthy, but those people did not get lucky, they worked hard for their success with stay at home mom businesses. It can be done! You can stay a stay at home mom with network marketing and avoid multi level marketing scams! Another problem for many people is that they underestimate the sheer amount of time involved in making these opportunities pay off. It does not happen overnight. But, if you put the work in, and are doing what successful people before you have done, it will work.

Do not be tempted to tell others how easy your opportunity is, or how they will make $5,000 a week part time. This will attract the wrong kinds of people to your business, who will do nothing, will get mad at you, and then will quit within a month. It takes too much time and effort to gain a recruit and it is discouraging for stay at home mom businesses to lose one in this manner.

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