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Manage, track, segment and communicate with different audiences in a personalized way.

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Customer & Lead Insights that Move the Needle

Get detailed engagement insight that drives next step communications

“What should I do next?” is a difficult question and Streampage removes it from the conversation. With a planned engagement campaign, you or any of your field representatives will know what comes next. With our automated workflows, you can sit back and watch the Streampage application go to work and nurture leads through your sales funnel until they are ready to become customers.

Marketing engagement made easy and accessible

Before Streampage if you wanted to generate sales qualified leads and  nurture them till they were ready for a buying decision, you had to be an expert digital marketer. Streampage makes it possible for anyone to get superior marketing results with intelligently crafted campaigns.

Manage, segment and score all your contacts

Activity such as web visits, chat sessions, email interaction and form completions are automatically tracked.

Combining website analytics, email marketing and a contact management system, Streampage identifies, converts and manages your leads.

Use lifecycle stages to manage your leads

Use stages to track leads through your sales funnel as progress is made. Your lead’s current stage can be updated automatically with an automation or manually, giving you complete control.

Tasks, notes and reminders keep track of all the details

You never need to leave the Streampage app to keep track of notes, tasks or specific details about how your leads are performing. Everything you need is right here.

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