Lead generation

Identify, convert and nurture website visitors or offline contacts into strong customers. Industry leading B2B & B2C marketing and lead generation tools combined into one easy to use service.

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A Complete Lead Generation Suite of Tools

Launch campaigns, identify leads & interact with them

Streampage combines lead forms and landing pages, live chat and visitor identification into one complete system for lead generation. Not only does Streampage allow you to do this from a company standpoint — we empower your field reps to generate their own leads and then nurture them over time until they are ready to buy. Using marketing automation for lead generation, Streampage combines lead capture, activity reporting and targeted marketing responses based upon individual lead behavior.

Live chat helps leads become customers

Our live chat feature allows you or your field reps to answer any lead’s specific questions directly, and if you aren’t available Streampage converts the chats into email conversations for later follow up.

Move leads through your sales funnel

Collect information across multiple forms to qualify your leads over time with progressive profiling. Each lead’s profile page is kept up to date with their latest activity, from website visits to email interactions and even website chat conversations.

When you are being pro-active with leads, you can message them directly with a tracked conversation, start an autoresponder nurture sequence manually, tag them for a future campaign and even set yourself a scheduled task to follow up.

Every piece of marketing activity created with Streampage feeds into a better understanding of each lead. Information that keeps you focused upon the leads that matter most to your business.

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