Why your field representatives will love Streampage

Streampage is designed to help field reps do more for less and drive increased sales and customer engagement.

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All-In-One Customer Marketing and Communication Tool

Finally a system that helps reps achieve more with less

Corporate field reps must juggle a lot of balls in order to manage and grow successful business, including running effective marketing campaigns and engaging with their customers and prospects regularly. It’s a lot to handle for one person. Luckily, Streampage is able to take a huge load off by doing a lot of this work for you–saving you hours each day in busy work while helping you deliver high-value customer interactions automatically.

Personalized marketing at your fingertips

Streampage takes prospecting and customer engagment to a higher level. No more sending mass messages in hopes of getting one person to respond. Now you can send hundreds of personalized messages to your customers and get a much higher response rate. Streampage is designed to automatically send content to each customer on your list, based on where they’re at in your sales funnel or their level of engagement. All you have to do is turn on the campaigns you want going out, and the system uses its built-in artificial intelligence to decide who it should go to.

You also don’t have to come up with your own marketing to send. Streampage also provides an unlimited number of corporate approved lead-gen and customer engagement campaigns for you to choose from.


  • Self-onboarding and sign-up for new customers.

  • Out of the box branded lead-gen and customer engagement marketing campaigns.

  • Audience engagement stats on live campaigns.

  • Alerts highlighting top customer opportunities.

  • Ability to see which campaigns are performing high or low.

  • No marketing technology experience needed to schedule and send campaigns.

  • User-friendly AI-supported marketing automation tools that include email, text and social.

  • One system that can handle prospecting, upselling, and customer engagement.

  • Ability to create and customize your own campaigns.

  • Content library that includes pre-built landing pages, emails, banner ads, articles, social media content, and more.

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