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Software that understands what customers need in the moment

On behalf of each direct sales rep, you can deliver one-to-one marketing messages to thousands of customers and prospects at once. All messages include content that is personalized to each person, based on their needs and interests.

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Smarter and faster communication at scale

Taking the guesswork out of high-value engagement

Streampage helps distributors make smarter decisions. One of Streampage’s standout features is its ability to prioritize daily tasks and opportunities for each distributor. Using machine learning, Streampage is able to alert you when customers want to engage, when there is a hot sales opportunity, what customers need attention, how campaigns are trending, and more.

Recognizing the uniqueness of each prospect and customer, Streampage’s artificial intelligence is also able to handpick the right content in our system to send to the right person at the right time. No campaign creation or setp up required. All a distributor has to do is click a button to turn campaigns on. In addition, the content, frequency, timing, and marketing channel of each of our pre-built branded campaigns are all customizeable based on each person’s behavior and profile. This means one person could receive one email from a campaign while another could receive all the content from the same campaign, delivered through all its available channels.

We understand Direct Sales

Working with many Direct Sales companies, we understand the unique challenges distributors face in building a strong and loyal network of customers. We believe Streampage has the tools to not only connect with each person individually but also provide additional value in delivering faster and more personalized communication.

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