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Streampage helps corporate leaders achieve higher sales and increased customer retention by empowering their reps to communicate their brand message more effectively and improve their customer outreach.

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Consistent Messaging. Better Communication. Faster Onboarding.

Get your reps up to speed faster.

Onboarding and training new reps can be very time consuming and costly for most organizations. Streampage’s patent-pending technology helps you significantly decrease those operational costs by getting your reps onboarded and trained more quickly, so they can start engaging and building relationships with their customers a lot faster. 

Empower your reps to achieve more.

Streampage was designed to empower sales and client success reps to build stronger and more profitable customer relationships by helping them to deliver more personalized and meaningful attention to each prospect and customer at scale. Corporate leaders get the benefit of controlling the brand message in all communication, making sure it’s used correctly and consistently across all channels and reps are utilizing the right marketing and communication tools to achieve success.


  • Control messaging of all field representatives.

  • Design and deploy an unlimited number of campaigns.

  • Have access to stats for past and live campaigns.

  • Update or edit campaigns at any time.

  • Communicate with reps more efficiently and effectively.

  • Provide reps with easy-to-use multi-channel marketing automation tool with ready-to-go campaigns.

  • Perform multiple functions with one tool: prospecting, upselling, customer engagement,  campaign building, and more.

  • Easily integrate Streampage with any existing system.

  • Track field representatives performance with dashboard metrics.

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