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8 Reasons Network Marketing Distributors Fail


NOT TREATING IT LIKE A BUSINESS Network marketing or MLM is just another method of distribution of a product or service. It is a "business" in every sense of the word. Many new distributors do not realize that all the same skills and dedication to effort, that are required to be successful in any business, are needed in their MLM business. UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS Unfortunately, this industry has the reputation of making it sound too easy. Distributors, in their eagerness to build "any" type of organization, paint too rosy a picture to convince a prospective distributor to come aboard. [...]

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Why Do MLM Home-Based Businesses Fail?


Who's To Blame? Multi level marketing scams are a big concern for those interested in multi level marketing opportunities and stay at home mom businesses. When MLMs go bad, it can be detrimental to the distributor's ability to stay a stay at home mom. But more importantly, when examining why home based businesses, and stay at home mom businesses, fail, we need to look at multi level teaching and training. Why do people fail in the Direct Sales and Network Marketing Industries? Or even with any home business? The human tendency is to blame someone or something else when there is a problem [...]

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